The Importance Of Immigrants Good For America

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Immigrants are good for America Is there anyone who knows a working Immigrant in the United States or a business owned by one? According to the Center of Immigration Studies (2010), 16% of the total U.S Labor force are Immigrants. With these number, it is safe to say that the United States of America is a country driven by immigrants. They travel from all different parts of the world to the US for various reasons. What draws and brings a lot of these immigrants to this country are things that normal Americans take for granted. Education, jobs, healthcare, water, freedom of speech and religion and not to mention that many of these immigrants come to the US to chase what is so called the “American Dream”. It is these rights that seem to be granted for by many American born citizens that have caught many immigrant’s attention. The abuse of these rights has led to a controversial debate in congress on whether the Government should limit how many Immigrants come to the US or eliminate the Diversity Visa Lottery Program which allows immigrants from different countries to apply for a Green Card and become permanent residents. Currently, the Government allows up to 250,000 thousand Immigrants from different countries depending on their geographic location. Congress should not put a limit to how many immigrants come to the US every year or eliminate the Diversity Visa Lottery Program because immigrants are the ones that make this country what it is today both economically and

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