The Importance Of Internet And Technology

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The technological advancements witnessed in the current generation has benefited individuals by making the world a global village by easing access to information. Specifically, the introduction of the internet enables people to access many different platforms where they can express themselves and search information about their interests. Notably, educators, scholars, and students have benefited from various academic websites that provide information on a range of subjects. While evolutions in internet and technology are applauded for providing convenient means of accessing information, scholars have expressed concerns regarding its influences on human intelligence as far as memory is concerned. According to the adversaries, internet and technology are making individuals stupid because they depend on its mind to remember many things such as phone numbers and important dates in their lives. Additionally, the protagonists believe that internet and technology affect individual’s commitment to conduct efficient research work since people can get the information they want from Google easily. Despite the controversies, internet and technology are changing people’s minds for the better because it presents more direct ways of accessing information and archiving experiences for future reference. Compared with my In-Class-essay, I changed my perspective.
Firstly, technology and the internet is changing individual’s minds for the better because it acts as an extension of memory where

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