The Importance Of Technology And The Internet

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How has technology and the Internet have brought young people closer together? For today’s teens, friendships can start digitally: 57% of teens have met a new friend online. Social media and online gaming are the most common digital venues for meeting friends. Phone calls are less common early in a friendship, but are still an important way that teens talk with their closest friends. The Internet can help a person who has lost connection with someone from their past and end up renewing the old relationship with the person that they had lost contact with. It may also help people who want to talk to someone from in Hawaii to talk to someone maybe in France, or even someone halfway around the world. Technology is a great tool and it may have …show more content…

While both groups are equally likely to say they feel more connected to friends through their social media use, 36% of smartphone owners say they feel a lot better connected to friends while 25% of teens without smartphone access report the same degree of connectedness. Technology helps bring people together and keep friends and family connected with one another. There are some people who spend all their time on the internet and it's up to them to make the effort to go outside but there are also people who can balance both out and enjoy both internet/technology and outdoor fun. When the outdoor fun is done, the fun doesn't necessary end there because you can stay in contact and play/hangout with your friends and family over the internet inside (short distance or even long distance) Yes there are people who like to cyber bully and to hurt, harm, and bring people self-esteem down, but those people who feel like everyone are bullying them and stuff who either take their life or think about doing so are kind of insecure in my eyes because they can turn away and ignore those people. Unless if it's physical bullying then they need to find help to stop it. The important thing is to be aware and knowledgeable of the dangers of using the internet/technology. Also ignore the people who feel it's right to bully others (don't let verbal bullying get to you), and the lies they say, if people believe them or ask you

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