The Importance Of Language Development In Education

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I have always wanted to make meaningful contributions to our society, and this is my primary reason of choosing to do research. I wish to purse a Ph.D. in Education within UC Davis School of Education with an emphasis on bilingualism on young children. It is fascinating to me how children at young age are able to learn more than one language. I hope to learn more about second language acquisition and make language learning and teaching more efficient and effective.

The number of bilinguals in the United States is on the rise as the number of immigrants increases over the years. At the same time, more families are fostering the use of their native tongue on their children in order to keep their minority culture and language alive. Thus, it is critical to study bilingualism to understand how young children learn more than one language, and to make this learning process more effective in general.

I believe taking an educational research approach would be the best way to help learners succeed in school. Educational research can create a positive impact on our society, individual learners, and learning in general. It identifies difficult problems, answers them with evidence, discards false assumptions and myths, and thus generates new knowledge and theories. It can help our educational community by adding new knowledge and addressing gaps in existing knowledge. Hence, my goal is to do educational research that can provide education decision makers with relevant and
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