The Importance Of Law Enforcement

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What do you imagine when you hear the words “law enforcement?” Most people imagine a man or woman with a badge, guns, patrol cars, and many other accessories that go along with police officers. They picture him or her fighting crime like it is nothing. The officer looks as if he or she is one of the bravest people on earth. He seems afraid of nothing. It shows the people that they can trust in him to keep them safe from danger and come to them in their time of need. For the most part, the people would have the right image, yet an officer’s job is still a little more complex than what they imagine. Officers have a job like no other. As most people in the area know, I have grown up around law enforcement. When I hear the words “law enforcement,” I think virtually the same things that others do. Although I imagine as others do, I think a little out of the box. I think about how these people are just like other human beings. They are sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, and many other family members. These people do many of the same things that we do. They also keep people safe and come to people when there is an emergency along with really any other situation. Their bravery is motivated by their desire to make the world a better place. For as long as I can remember, law enforcement has just been another part of my life. The police department was another home. I have grown up around law enforcement because of my dad. He has been a law enforcement officer all of my life.

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