The Importance Of Leisure And Ethnic Minorities In Canada

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Introduction Today, Canadian cities are more diverse than they have been at any point in history. Over the last 20 years, the number of Canada’s visible minorities has increased from 5 percent to 19 percent (Stodolska M., 2015). Commonly, immigrants will arrive with a strong determination to be successful in their everyday lives and to acquire new knowledge and language skills. The people with the most drive to succeed in these areas tend to have a more effective adaptation to their new country (McNeely, C. A et al., 2017). A healthy transition to a new country can be realised by many aspects throughout the resettlement process, most are the characteristics of the “host” community.
Leisure and Ethnic Minorities
Leisure Constraints The importance of diversity can sometimes be taken for granted. But there is no doubt that Canada is a better and more successful country because of it. The ability and readiness of a majority population and the way they accept immigrants has been proven to have a high impact on how well these immigrants can adapt to their new environment (Tirone, S., & Pedlar, A., 2000). Distinct cultural identities of ethnic minorities can be persistently challenged. Even with discrimination and segregation almost eliminated from our society there are still a few constraints that can hinder adaptation and feel more like acculturation. Acculturation can refer to the ways in which immigrants accept and follow dominant values because of pressure exerted from the

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