Why Social Capitol Is Important For The United States Of Canadian Political Affairs

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It is important to effectively integrate immigrants, and get them participating in Canadian political affairs. This will help Canadian society in the long term as it allows for a clearer understanding on how it is that their marginalized immigrant populous desires to be represented. Canada’s diverse population has various needs, and ethnic minorities are amalgamated as outliers as they continue to experience various forms of persistent inequality in the shape of social exclusion (and more specifically, social capitol). The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate why social capitol is important to immigrants, identify immigrant voting patterns in accumulation to how social capitol influences them, in addition to proposing a solution that works in favor of immigrant participations.

Social capitol refers to an institutions relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a society’s social interactions. Social capitol is an increasingly important tool to any given society as it allows for a greater trust and social understanding between different ethnographies of people in a largely immigrant society and in relation to the government in which they live under (Nakhaie, 1). It is through understanding an immigrant’s uniqueness, and the special ideologies that they bring to the political sphere that Canada will grow into a nation that prides itself in being accessible to immigrants and working with them in relations to building a bond that ensures trust, and…
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