The Importance Of Life Expectancy

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In the article which I read scientists have claimed that there is a maximum life expectancy. This article claims that "According to new research, swapping jam donuts for the gym won’t make you immortal because the life span of a human being is ultimately limited, no matter how healthy you are." However, I found this rather dismissive of a healthy lifestyle where there is a lifestyle balance of socialisation, food and drink, exercise, sleep and work. This dismissal is suggesting that the balance of lifestyle doesn't matter and will not have an effect on life expectancy however, eating jam donuts and not …show more content…

A hard Brexit which the Conservative party is calling for typically goes against many views of the Labour party however in the Labour party's manifesto Labour still had support for negotiating a Brexit which people can unite with however I feel that by voting against these Brexit legislation Labour is back tracking on yet another policy which they claimed to plan to implement (which was with the case of University fees where Labour claimed they would abolish them during campaigning but since have claimed they would not have.) I feel that this suggests that Labour cannot be trusted to implement and uphold their policies which they campaign with consequently resulting in votes made under false pretenses. Personally, I think that the legislation is vital to be implemented because this outlines what the UK can or cannot do during the Brexit negotiations and once officially leaving which offers greater transparency to the public and other people involved in the negotiations of Brexit. I believe it is vital that other countries have an understanding of what Brexit means for them going into trading deals as this means fair trading etc for all. I also feel that the 30 Labour party members who threaten

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