The Importance Of Life In My Life

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Life is like a game of volleyball, unpredictable yet predictable at the same time. The game of volleyball reflects the same ideas of what happens in my life. Thus, I created a setup of a volleyball game inside a shadow box to represent the parts of who I am. I made the volleyball net with white plastic canvas mesh, court lines with ribbon and players with some of my favorite pictures in the past. I chose this type of model because there are multiple sides to it. Only one side of it can be shown at a time but they are all there, this relates to how I present myself to others. In my opinion, the most meaningful part to the model is the frame. This represents my foundation, the part that makes me who I am. My parents have taught me important things in life like character and work ethic from their own experiences. Both of my parents lead strong examples for my sister and I. They have always shown me how to be the bigger person by caring for one another and doing the right and honest thing. For example, if a cashier forgets to scan an item my parents will either tell the cashier there is another item to scan or go back through the line to check out. Work ethic is also very important because my parents say, “that’s where success begins”. Ever since I was a little kid, things haven’t come easy to me. I work hard for everything I do, I’m a person who goes the extra mile on each homework assignment and studies for every single test. My parents give me inspiration and drive to do

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