The Importance Of Living A Life

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Living in a media-driven world often causes many people to attempt to live a life full of plastic, whether it is plastic cards, plastic surgeries, or plastic personalities. As a teenager growing up in the middle of this popular lifestyle, I am at a constant battle with myself of what type of person I will become. My family had a huge impact on my morals that were set at a young age. I looked up to one family member in particular for advice and guidance, my aunt. The most important lesson I learned from my aunt was to live a life worth remembering by understanding that relationships rule, failure is good, and be myself.
My aunt taught me that relationships should be put above everything. Work should never get in the way of spending time with the people I love. Also, people matter much more than money, status, or job title. Those things are temporary and are easily lost, but if I create strong bonds with people, I will never be alone. Finally, family lasts forever. Friends may come and go, and my highschool boyfriend may break my heart, but my family will always be there for me no matter what. The love of family runs much deeper than how much we have in common, or what is convenient for us at the time. Family will never turn their backs on me just because we do not agree on something. In other words, people are invaluable.
Next, failure is good. In fact, failure is great. If we do not fail, we do not learn. Failure is what leads to success. For example, Michael Jordan,
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