The Importance Of Literacy Environment

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Literacy Environment
Creating a literacy-rich environment is one of the key elements of supporting children’s literacy development. Literacy-rich classrooms tend to look quite different than the traditional classroom, covered in pre-made posters and arranged with individual desks in rows, and instead, allow for teachers to design their classrooms with their students’ needs in mind. According to an article on the Sadlier School’s blog, all elements in a classroom must be meaningful, intentional, purposeful, and engaging when creating a literacy-rich classroom. This means that classroom design is created in a way that it provides frequent opportunities to be exposed to text via environmental print, instruction, and hands-on learning as well as encouraging communication and collaboration (Sadlier School, 2017).
The literacy-rich classroom environment must be designed with the students’ needs in mind, meaning it is student-centered with teacher guidance, integrates technology, and is flexible to allow for differentiation. The classroom should have a flexible design that can be “adaptable and easily changeable based on what the students are working on” (Sadlier School, 2017). This means that the seating arrangement is not based on individual desks, but rather tables or clusters of desks to encourage students to collaborate and communicate in small groups or pairs, promoting oral language mastery (Sadlier School, 2017). It should also promote hands-on, student-centric learning

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