The Importance Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Complicated Love William Shakespeare writes Romeo and Juliet about two star- crossed lovers who are from two families that hate each other. In Romeo and Juliet, the nurse keeps the secret of Romeo and Juliet’s developing relationship. This secret allows both and Juliet’s marriage, and helps to lead to their death. This secret is complicated, much like their love. If the nurse does not keep this secret, then Romeo and Juliet will not get married. This shows how important the Nurse’s secret is to the plot of the play. From the beginning of their love life, the nurse knows about everything that evolved in their relationship, from their wedding to the orchard scene. When Juliet is waiting to hear from Romeo the nurse goes to Romeo and says, “Here, sir, a ring she bid me to give you, sir.” (III.iii.173). She serves as a messenger between Romeo and Juliet after Romeo is banished to Mantua. She also comforts Juliet when she is upset with her parents for forcing her to marry Paris, or when she was worried about Romeo. After the wedding date(Juliet and Paris’s wedding) is set Capulet says, “She shall be married to this noble earl…” (III.iiiii.24). When Romeo is about to leave for Mantua the nurse asks, “Let me come in, and you shall know my errand.” (III.iii.85). The nurse is like Juliet’s personal nanny; always looking out for her best interest. In a lot of ways the Nurse is the backbone of the entire story; she

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