The Importance Of Marijuana Legalization In The United States

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Marijuana Legalization in the United States
Why is a harmless plant like marijuana illegal? Marijuana cost the taxpayers of the United States an estimated forty one billion dollars every year, including a loss in potential tax revenue (16 Facts about Marijuana and the U.S. Economy). It helps people with illnesses ranging from Alzheimer's to cancer. States that have legalized have had a result of twenty five percent less deaths from pharmaceuticals since legalization (Lincoff). With notable results in states like Colorado the United States needs to legalize marijuana nationally to boost the economy and give millions access to jobs and increase tax revenue.
Every year marijuana prohibition cost the U.S. government money they don't have and …show more content…

For years people that have used marijuana have been looked down upon in America and it's wrong when a person looks at the facts marijuana is a harmless plant that is more beneficial to society than negative. Marijuana prohibition cost the American taxpayers approximately 41.8 billion dollars annually including a loss in potential tax revenue (16 Facts about Marijuana and the U.S. Economy). Thirteen billion dollars being what the U.S. government spends annually for marijuana to stay Illegal (16 facts about Marijuana and the U.S. Economy). Ninety four million U.S. citizens admit to trying marijuana at least once in their lifetime (Smith). Consequently, six hundred and ninety three thousand people getting arrested each year for less than an eighth ounce of marijuana (About Marijuana). Currently, marijuana occupies 40% of all drug related arrests (Smith). Therefore people that serve jail time for small amounts of marijuana cost taxpayers one billion dollars every year (16 facts about Marijuana and the U.S. Economy). In the past marijuana had a reputation of being horrible for you, but research says that it is a safer alternative to alcohol or tobacco (Whitley). Alcohol and tobacco have a combined death rate annually in the U.S. of four hundred and fifty thousand people …show more content…

The state of Colorado shows that there isn't anything to worry about, Colorado has been the poster child for legalization in America and current crime rates have dropped upwards of ten percent in Colorado and people have realized the benefits far outweigh the negatives. One positive effect is more taxes to fund police forces and schools as a result, there would be more efficient police work (19 Pros and Cons of Weed Legalization). Some negative effects of marijuana are being sleepy , low voiced talking, paranoia and dry mouth. A couple positive effects of marijuana are euphoria enhanced sensations, including taste and eyesight being more aware and time going by slower than normal (Stein). It has been used as an appetite stimulant in HIV and cancer patients, It also helps with pain relief and nausea (About

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