The Importance Of Mental Health

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Schools are the most effective places to promote the self-help methods and destigmatizing campaigns to the young people and their parents. Professor Neil Humphrey of Psychology of Education of the University of Manchester emphasizes the crucial role schools can play in young people’s mental health. Schools are places where almost every youth attends gather and share their opinion. By educating the young people about mental health and encouraging the discussion about it will significantly alleviate mental health problems and reduce the stigma surrounding the mental illness (Humphrey). Compare to the past, however, the stigma surrounding mental health has improved significantly. In the 1950s, the public stigmatized mental illness more extremely and fearful and rejecting attitudes toward the mental health patients were common (Phelan), and schools are effective in reaching out to the parents who may have grown up during that era. Since the parents are connected with schools through the kids, educating kids about mental health can also educate adults as well. On the contrary, people may doubt that mere self-help is effective in treating mental health problems at all and argue that the professional help is necessary for all mental health problems. A professor evaluated the effectiveness of In One Voice program, which was designed to improve awareness and attitude towards mental health among young people. The evaluation revealed that the campaign indeed increased awareness
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