The Importance Of Minority Rights In America

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“America is the number 1 nation in the world!” is a common phrase we hear time and time again. American citizens, in my opinion, have a distorted view on how “awesome” our country is. America was founded on the idea of freedom – at least freedom for white men at the time. While we have grown and made bounds for the rights of minorities like African Americans, Hispanics and women; there is still room to grow. So many of our citizens feel disenfranchised by our government and that our implemented democracy doesn’t grant them the same rights as others. This is usually a feeling felt by those in minority groups. Many in the majority don’t realize that there are these discrepancies in our democracy because it’s not something that affects them. That is one of the obstacles, many turn a blind-eye to the injustices they see within our democracy because they do not want to get involved or they want the status quo to stay intact. The majority’s desire to stay on-top in our country is a huge influence in how those in the minority then view their abilities. Many minority members feel hopeless and that despite speaking up a power shift to equality will never be attainable. There is a profound lack of representation of minority groups in offices of power. As discussed in this class, there have only even been eight African American US Senators, and only two currently in the Senate now. This lack of representation harms minority youth because when they have grand dreams of changing the

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