The Importance Of Monuments

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Christopher Columbus, a well-known name, he has a monument in his honor. This is made to memorialize him and his voyage to the Americans. What else is there to consider when creating a monument? Obviously just any person or situation cannot have a monument, this would make them meaningless and too common. Monuments are to memorialize, remember great or not-so great times in the world. There are three main pieces of thought that have to be put in before creating a monument. A main thought that should be considered is the location of the monument. The whole point of a monument is to memorialize an important person or situation. Sometimes two monuments that have been assembled for entirely different reasons, so they should stay in separate locations as well. As stated in Source C, Downes says,"I have to admit: Mount Rushmore bothers me. It was bad enough that white men drove the Sioux from hills they still hold sacred; did they have to carve faces all over them too?" The author is mad because it was a symbol of disrespect placing these two monuments close to each other. Mount Rushmore is close to the site of which the statue of Crazy Horse is located, and the author makes a point. It is not honorable for one giant monument to overshadow a monument such as Crazy Horse, they are both supposed to stand out and be honored. This can also be seen vise-versa, some people are only there to see Mount Rushmore and not run into Navajo Indians selling different crafts. If the

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