The Importance Of Music Therapy

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From another view, music therapy can also have a huge impact on people's can be traced back to ancient times and early human activities. We should realized people nowadays are pay the significant interest on the relationship between music, health and well-being. As we know, the history of music therapy has been around for a long time, we can go back to the early part of 20th century(Bunt, 1994).Also, music therapy have a lot of different meaning and define. There is a key in the this essay is that to highlight the relationship between doctor and patient. Thus, music therapy is one of methods of music intervention which can improve people’s health and well-being, and it has positive influence in mental and physical . It also require doctor need professional knowledge.But for the purposes of this article, a key element of the music therapy process is the emphasis on the relationship between the clinician and the patient. Thus, music interventions belonging to the category of music therapy will focus on the participants' positive psychological and physical benefits. And interventions by qualified music therapists. would like to describe the following aspects. 不分段

The value of music therapy for centuries, music has been recognized as a treatment for the treatment of physical and mental and physical or mental illness even with pre-literacy people long-distance communication.The origin of music therapy, First of all, music is a widely used leisure activity which
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