The Importance Of My Father In My Life

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Throughout my childhood, my dad was always a huge part of my life. Although it was difficult having divorced parents, they managed to deal with the situation as best as they could. It was hard having my dad live in either New Orleans or in Gonzales when I went to school in Baton Rouge, but somehow we made it work. He knew everyone and by everyone I mean we could not go into the mall without having to stop and talk to someone every five minutes. He was an incredible businessman, and my mom used to tell him that he could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. I remember his laugh and the smell of Windex as he cleaned the house on early Saturday mornings. I always looked forward to seeing that bald shiny head and bright white smile pull up in the driveway on Thurdays at five o’clock. The day he didn’t show up, my heart broke.
I feel like it was yesterday, yet I also feel like it was a lifetime ago. It was thanksgiving break and I was in the 7th grade. My dad was going to take us to my Aunt Tammy's house for thanksgiving day which meant I would have to miss going to my mom's side of the family's dinner. I was so excited to spend the holidays with him. I texted him multiple times that day because he was going to pick my sister and I up so we could spend the week with him. He began to stop answering my texts so I decided to call him. He wasn't answering so I figured he was in a meeting at work or at a business lunch and couldn’t get to the phone. After an hour or so,

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