My Experiences Of My Father

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Where I have come from goes back generations for me, where I am from is based off of what my family has gone through and how they have used their experience to teach me. Through my family I now understand that where I come from means the way my parents raised me and why. One very important figure in my life who makes me who I am is my dad. My dad has been through a lot of good and bad times in his life, he has many experiences some in which I hope to recreate for myself and others I would only hope I would never have to go through. Talking to has given me specific experiences that when I look back at have really changed me and prove to me where I am from. Another person who has given me experiences that have helped me learn where I am from …show more content…

I remember thinking about it for a little while but his answer wasn't enough for me and was not to the point like I expected it to be. I then reiterated the question to him asking “compared to my life what is yours like”. He got awoken by my honest interest and began to tell me about how growing up he was the only male in the family so at a young age he felt the need to work and make money. This moment has stuck with me all through high school and learning about how my dad grew up has affected the way he raised me dramatically. Freshmen year my dad had me ask my neighbor ,who was my best friend at the time Pete is his name, if he would be my business partner selling firewood. This was a changing moment in my life, through firewood I have been able to make many connections with people in the area as well as help me build up my leadership and communication skills. Whenever I felt like I couldn't do something or felt I was too young I would always think back to that specific moment when my dad told me how old he was when he started working. Knowing how my dad grew up and lived his life thus far has helped me understand that where I come from is a very hardworking family who even though never pursued college was able to find success and happiness.
My grandmother has been there for me since I was born, between my dad having cancer and working he didn't have time to be home very often. Since I was born my mom was diagnosed with

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