The Importance Of My Trip To Europe

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Everyone has at least one thing, place, or person that is meaningful to them, something that provokes a strong emotion. For me, there are a few things that are very meaningful to me. There is one thing that stands out to me as something I don’t want to ever forget about. This is the trip to three countries in Europe this past June. As a graduation gift, I went with my teacher and students on a trip to Paris, Switzerland, and Italy. This trip not only changed my view on everything but it also changed who I am. This trip was brought about my teacher. Every year she uses EF Tours, an education tour provider, to give her students options for different trips all over the world. Some places include Mexico, Australia, Europe, and more. Typically, students 10th grade and above are invited to join her for a trip, which is cheaper than it would be to just go without EF tours. Every year I heard about these trips since I had her as my teacher all four years of high school. Originally, the thought of going on the trips scared me. My mind would go all over the place thinking of all of the bad things that could happen. Thinking about it made my heart feel like it was trying to come out of my chest, like a bird escaping its cage. As the four years went by, I would hear about these trips and just push the idea of it out of my mind. That was until senior year when this trip came up. The plan was to travel to the three countries with a possibility of going to England. Whenever I heard

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