The Importance Of Oral Communication

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“I remember your son[’s] graduation / That's when I met your friends / And they was all havin' conversation / But they was sayin' stuff that I couldn't understand / Then all of a sudden it felt like, I understood something I missed my whole life / For the first time I was wearin' your shoes / For the first time I was hearin' your views / I never knew how complicated life is when you feel so isolated / And I know we don't speak much / Cause when talking got hard all I ever did was throw the peace up / My big sister Grace, I'm sorry I never learned to sign / And even though you were born deaf / I pray you forgive me for the years I lived blind” These lyrics from the song “Hear My Heart” by rapper Andy Mineo were written as an apology to his deaf sister Grace. He wrote this song that would serve two purposes: as a public apology to Grace for never learning how to communicate with her and as well as to bring awareness to a culturally neglected community. Andy Mineo was communicating the idea of restoration and hope which was spreading life to others and likewise we should use our words to encourage and upift. Oral communication is very important and essential in an age that is heavily inundated with electronics and technology. Everyday we use our mouths, body or some sort of gesture to express our feelings or thoughts. Today I’d like to examine how certain words stimulate our brain in different ways, how technology can remove the significance of spoken words, and how we can
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