The Importance Of Power In Law

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Power plays a large part in law, financial power is needed to get a lawyer and go on with a court case and the multinational corporation coming into the small town to take over mining duties has a drastically larger pocket in comparison to the small town. Another power the multinational corporation holds at larger account in comparison to the small town is authoritative power. The larger mining company used this power to alter the results about the hazardous water being dispelled into the town, harming the residents and wild life of the town. Another way the large corporation used this power is through the provincial government, the provincial government exempted the company from many environmental standards. Corporations, towns, and …show more content…

Bringing up the issues with the local representatives is using the method of before the law because it works with the system of government and allows the representatives and more powerful people to deal with the issues faced by the people in the town. Assuming the first step fails to account for change, which is expected, it is important to take action as a community member and for this it is essential to use the law to get justice for the town and their people. To change gears from before the law to a with the law aspect, it is important to get a lawyer to fully get access to all the information needed and have someone who fully understands the law. For this it is essential to gain power through getting as much of the community involved as possible to file class-action against both the provincial government and the company. A crucial step is to gain evidence and the first piece of evidence is the real reports of the water to indicate the hard metals within the water. The different results will showcase that the reports presented by the large mining company have been doctored. More evidence only makes a case stronger and for this the town people should also keep record of the loss of wild life to show case the negative impact of the company’s shortcuts.

Furthermore, staying within the “with the law” aspect, it is vital to know what laws are being broken by the government and the company and what they are being held accountable for. One thing the

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