The Importance Of Protest In The United States

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Now is the time the nation needs to come together, but the people are separated. People are too busy arguing over the Republican and Democratic parties and race. Kneeling for the national anthem because they want to make a statement that not all lives matter, but black lives matter and their president are, “not their president”, is disrespectful to the people who fought and who died and their family. The NFL football players should not have the right to protest during their job, they should protest on their own time.

One should be able to protest and say what they want, that's the 1st amendment. Although, one should not be able to do it in a place of work and where they make money. NFL players should protest where all the other average citizens protest, in the streets. NBA has a rule that states, “players, coaches, and trainers are to stand and line up in …show more content…

Colin Kaepernick stated that “this is bigger than football” and he is not trying to disrespect America, he just can't let this go. The national anthem pays respects to the people who risked their lives, been injured or died trying to give you freedom. How can one courtesy these people who fought just to make a point.

When they kneel for the national anthem, it doesn't help them. It doesn't help them because everyone is boycotting the NFL football games. The more people that watch and come to the games, the more money everyone in the NFL makes. Another negative to kneeling is, they are losing fans.

If one is going to protest do so without disdaining America and veterans. Protest in the streets were the problem is happening first hand. Protest with all the other people fight for the same thing as you are. Make a change but do so in a respectful manner. Drew Brees said that he supported Colin's message, he just didn't support the

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