The Importance Of Racial Identity

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One challenge many people who are biracial face, especially when they’re young, is fitting in with people. We live in a world that sees you for your color, and if you aren’t “white enough” or “black enough” people are likely to not be as accepting. Having a This may result in someone acting like something they’re not or having to have different friend groups. Becoming introverted could also be a result of this. Another struggle biracial people face is being racially ambiguous, which means people are unable to identify what race you are, because of this people are constantly asking what you are or assuming they know exactly what your racial background is. People even question you about who you are related to. Some may think that these types of occurrences aren’t that big of a deal, but one can’t truly understand until they experience it themselves. It’s difficult to maintain your racial identity when it is always being questioned. Angie Yingst has first hand experience with questioning:
"My mother is a Panamanian immigrant and my father is a white guy from Pennsylvania. I've always felt liminal, like I drift between race and culture. When I was young (20s) and living in the city, I would get asked multiple times a day where I was from, where my people were from, because Allentown, Pennsylvania, clearly wasn't the answer they were looking for ... It always felt like the undercurrent of that question was, 'You aren't white, but you aren't black. What are you?'

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