The Importance Of Rape Culture

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Sitting in my living room next to my perfectly decorated tree and “Baby it’s cold outside” by Frank Loesser popped on the radio. What I always found to be a fun Christmas song has become tainted by my feministic ideals, and hatred for the rape culture that has persisted through the years. The lyrical dance of the woman saying she really should go, the man coaxing her to stay, the so very complicated line about what is in that drink. Outside the context of the 1940s these things are a veritable sexual harassment public service announcement. However, when you consider the history of the 1940’s slang and expectations of women the message becomes more about female empowerment. Baby it’s cold outside is both a song about an empowered woman giving into her sexual desires, and a song that perpetuates rape culture in modern society.
“Rape culture” has become both a conversation and controversy in recent years. Rape culture is the stuff that surrounds us everyday that diminishes the value of seeking for consent (Flyntz, 2016, p 18). In many rape cases consent is circumvented by incapacitating the victim with alcohol or drugs. When the female role in Loesser’s song asks “hey, what’s in this drink?” it is very reminiscent of those instances. “The very banality of the fact that women are largely raped by their friends, husbands, and boyfriends is what makes rape culture so damaging” (Penny, 2010, pg12). For many rape survivors the memory of having their refusal to give consent ignored

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