The Importance Of Rape

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Considered one of the most heinous crimes—rape. Rape is so widespread in our society it has morphed into a culture. Rape culture refers to the normalization of sexual violence. Unfortunately, the beliefs and attitudes of society have led to the perpetuation of rape culture. Some consider the idea of rape culture ridiculous and an overstatement. Sadly, it is not. Consequently, rape culture is so ingrained in our society that we rarely notice it. It is there every time the victim gets blamed because of the clothing she was wearing. It is there every time doubt is cast on a rape case because it does not conform to society's idea of how a ‘real’ rape happens. Equally important is what rape is. Shockingly what…show more content…
Additionally, that the victim wanted it, the victim is lying, that rape is a trivial event, and that rape is an uncommon (22). Following this, the idea that the victim asked to be sexually assaulted does not make sense. There is no way a person can want or ask for rape, it goes against the definition of what rape is. Also, the idea that the perpetrator did not mean to rape their victim treats the crime as an accident.
Then there is also the notion that the majority of reported sexual assaults are a lie. A sexual assault accusation being false is the most prevalent rape myth. Nonetheless, according to the Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, only 2% of reported rapes are false (2015). Moreover, rape is in no way a trivial event. Victims of sexual assault experience various physical and psychological effects. Many victims experience depression, flashbacks, and panic attacks (WCSAP). If the victim decides to pursue a case, they also have to deal with the stress and emotional drain of the entire process. Sadly, there are far too many people who become victims of sexual assault. As reported by RAINN, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will experience some form of sexual assault in their lives (2015). Rape is not an uncommon event. It happens
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