The Importance Of Rape Culture

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Rape culture is prevalent in societies all around the world. Countries like Bosnia and Serbia rarely punish sexual assailants for their crimes against humanity (Sheth). Sexual crimes go unnoticed because they contribute to the economy in most third world countries. Sex trafficked women are often bought and sold for profit (Sheth). If an assailant’s sexual abuse goes unchecked by the government in an area like Bosnia, the assailant is free to impose themselves on another victim (Sheth). Because rapists are not criminalized, victims never receive a fair trial (Sheth). Some victims are shunned by their families or killed for being sexually assaulted (Sheth). Falguni Sheth refers to the killing of sexually abused women as genocidal rape. Because harmful attitudes involving rape victims are present, sexual assault survivors rarely speak out about their attack (Sheth). Women who do not have someone to console their trauma in can be victimized again. Therefore, the victimization of sexual assault survivors becomes a never-ending cycle (Sheth). Law enforcement officials and diplomats of the community who do not help sexual assault survivors contribute to the spread rape culture.
Rape culture is defined as society’s normalization of sexual assault and abuse (Roebuck and Komanduri). Acceptance of rape culture is prevalent in American society. Throughout a lifetime, 1 in 5 women will experience some type of sexual assault in the United States (Giraldi and Monk-Turner). Widespread of

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