The Importance Of Religion In Ancient Rome

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Final Classics Essay

In ancient Roman society, the prevalence and dominance of religion was common and widespread. From the 27 BC, the beginning of the political reign of Augustus Caesar, the messages from religion developed into the social codes of behaviour for Roman citizens and furthermore, allowed for Rome to reach the pinnacle of greatness it did. Under Augustus’ leadership, ancient civilizations was offered a man who is the prime example of what is meant to be a proper Roman. A man who acknowledges and submits to his Fate. A man who held religious piety to a high priority as a form of respect to the Gods, to such an extent that he reaffirmed the traditions of the old Roman religion until it reached mainstream acceptance by the Roman public. Furthermore, Roman Religious Beliefs can be understood through the identification of key values and ideas that would contribute to Roman society by developing standards and codes of behaviour that would reinforce the actions needed of an exemplary Roman citizen. Though at this time, Rome did not have what constitute a “religion” by our modern standards, it was the common held beliefs by the people and the state that acted as a religion to moderate and control the behaviour of Roman citizens.

Firstly, the relationship between Roman Religion and Fate was complex but ultimately, the cause for obedience as acceptance and acknowledge amongst the citizens of ancient Rome would be perceived as compliancy and respectful towards the
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