The Importance Of Religion In The Ancient World

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Since the dawn of the human race, men and women have traveled the world for a myriad of reasons. The need for more food, a better living environment, religious or ethnic persecution, or even curiosity have driven humankind to search out new lands and new territories. In the ancient world, people traveled for different reasons including to spread their religion or to escape religious persecution. The desire for wealth and power fueled by curiosity, caused others to pick up their bags and move to new lands. There were certain select people from various people groups intentionally did not or could not travel due to their gender, their socioeconomic status, or even their culture. Religion was one of the main reasons why people traveled in the ancient world. Those who followed Islam traveled to either spread the religion or to make a pilgrimage to the holy site of Mecca. The founder of Islam, Muhammad, married a Quraysh widow and then conducted her caravan interests. (Buillet p.211) It would have been easy for him to use his influence to spread the stories of Islam just as the Christians were doing among the traveling caravans. Islam also spread due to Muhammad’s location in Medina, which was a large city. People would visit him from the surrounding territories, convert and then return to their homeland to make more converts. (Buillet p. 213) According to the primary source, Accounts of the Arab Conquest of Egypt, Muslims also traveled to spread their religion through

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