The Importance Of Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy, what is it ? To put it simply, it’s a type of energy source that is eco-friendly and for the most part efficient. Fossil fuels such as gasoline, oil, methane gas, and other harmful energy sources will only aggravate earth's health and will inevitably affect our biosphere and atmosphere, in which we humans reside. There is nothing inherently wrong with this issue but can seriously be spoken more and enforced upon society, for the sake of humanity. It will take centuries before we can consider colonizing other planets and have humans living on them. We are unfortunately not there yet technologically speaking. All we can do is prolong earth's life before that happens, which will take some time. According to scientists, earth is approximately 4.3 billion years old, which is a long time, but as time progressed we humans kept finding ways to harm the earth at an exponential rate. In some cases we have also caused the extinction of many species that once inhabited earth. Some countries and certain states have started to take note of these trends and started to implement public policy and also have come up with new ways to combat this. Renewable energy is one of the best options at the moment and will hopefully make our earth a better place,literally. Many people go about their day always concerned about the political spectrum,which is fine, but the issues that accompany earth such as climate change are always swept under the rug and never heard of again.

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