The Importance Of Roman Ruins In Spain

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Imagine walking around in the beautiful city of Spain, examining and analyzing the tall, worn out structure of stones and broken buildings. Well, these fragmented edifices are called ruins. Spain is a wonderful country to visit because it contains many histories and offers plenty of things to see and do. The ancient buildings, aqueducts, and other leftovers from over one hundred years ago enable others to know so much more about Spain’s past. You can also learn about the culture by visiting Toledo, Spain. To begin with, Spain is well known for its bulls and salsa dances, but if you want to find out more about the history, take a look at the Roman ruins. These ruins are scattered across the country. Most people think that the Roman ruins are in Italy, however,that isn’t necessarily true. According to the article, “The Resilient Roman Ruins of Spain”, Spain was under the control of the Roman Empire for more than 700 years, and during that time, the Romans invested in and helped build many structures and cities in Spain.The City of Merida, it offers the most Roman ruins in Spain. The Aqueducts in Segovia gave the idea of great plumbing in the Roman world. They created sewer systems and aqueducts that allowed…show more content…
Based on the article, “ Why Take the Time to Visit Alhambra in Spain”, The Calat Alhambra or the Alhambra is located in Granada, Spain, and it’s history dates back more than 1,100 years. It was built as a small fortress and palace, but didn’t last very long and it was eventually abandoned. In the article, “ Why Take the Time to Visit the Alhambra in Spain?”, In 1333, the Sultan of Granada, Yusuf I, turned it into a royal palace. It was then it later turned into a Christian court in 1492. The text by, “Janet Conners”, it states, In 1870, renewed hope was found for Alhambra as it was declared a national monument. It was protected and restored as the infamous
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