The Importance Of Sara's Raw Score

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1. How did my child do?

Well after a look over the tests scores we can see that Sara scored on level as other average 1st graders, who took the test. We would need to look at each test individual to see how she did specifically, but overall it looks like she is on par with her peers.

2. Which scores are important? What do they mean? (Do not just copy and paste your entire section from part A.) This is where you will explain the important scores from the chart.

The first test we will look at is the NRT for Reading, the first score you come to is labeled Raw Score. Sara’s Raw Score is 23, This means that Sara answered 23 of the 50 questions on the reading test correctly. After the Raw Score we see the Percent Correct they get this number by taking the number answered correctly which in Sara’s case is 23 and divided it by the number of question, 50, and then they multiplied it by 100 so for Sara her Percent Correct is 46. Next is Grade Level, here she scored 1.1. This means she scored what an average 1st grader would score in the first month of a school year. The National Percentile Rank or NPR ranges from 1 to 99,
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As you see this test has a Raw score which is just like the NRT shows how many she got correct in this case she got 11 questions out of 30 correct. Also like the NRT the next score is the Percent Correct score which for Sara was 37. She scored a 2 in the Achievement Level score which are ranked from 1 to 4, the scoring of 2 means she is nearing proficiency in reading. Next is State and National Percentile scores they both range 1 to 99. Sara’s score of 5 for both of these means she did as well as or better than 5% of the students in the national and local norm groups. The last test to go over is Sara’s CRT Math scores, her Raw Score was 16, with a Percent Correct Score of 53. Her Achievement Level is a 3 which means she is proficient in math. Sara scored a 22 on her NPR and a 27 on her
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