The Importance Of Saving The Penny

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In 2001, United States Representative Jim Kolbe introduced legislation to Congress to eliminate the penny coin in most transactions. Although this legislation failed, there are still consistent calls to eliminate the penny as the smallest-denomination United States coin. Nowadays, pennies sit behind couches, corrode in mall ponds, and wait patiently for a wandering child to choke on them. Having no purpose other than to calm the need for precision, pennies consume time, waste money, and endanger safety. Today, most people look to grow economically. With work days lasting anywhere from eight to twelve hours, we dedicate our time to making money. Time not doing a job is time without money. We recognize the importance in giving up our time so much that we came up with a standard social belief. Time is money.…show more content…
My body quivered in excitement as my friends and I inched towards the ticket kiosk. After what seemed like an eternity, we were next in line. All the lady in front of us had to do was pay for her ticket and then we get to buy our tickets. However, Roman, Joe and I watched wide-eyed as this lady pulled out a handful of pennies from her purse. After she placed fifty-six pennies with her eight dollar cash on the kiosk, the attendant double checked to make sure all fifty-six pennies were present. When the lady finally left, the three of us charged the kiosk and asked for three tickets. The attendant looked pitifully at us three, puppy-faced twelve years olds as he told us that we were two minutes after the ticket
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