Is It Ethical To Discard A Savior Sibling Child?

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Initial conclusion: It is moral to select for genetic compatibility. Supporting premise and reasoning summary: According to virtue ethicists, the moral thing to do is to act virtuous, or have a disposition to act a certain way. Parents who choose to have another child, that is genetically compatible are acting selfless, which can be considered a virtue. Using a savior sibling is a financially stressful, emotional, and not to mention expensive, but most parents would sacrifice it all to save their child. This doesn’t mean they would love their savior sibling less as they would probably care for it more. For example, you wouldn’t discard an item in your pantry just because you don’t use it all the time and only need it for special items, just like you wouldn’t discard a savior sibling child or love them any less. …show more content…

Opposing premise and reasoning summary: Parents having a savior sibling to save the life of their child’s using the new sibling as a means to other’s end. By allowing creation of a savior sibling could lead to a slippery slope and end up producing designer babies. It’s immoral for parents to use their children as a means to others ends. Children should not be used for medical purposes they cannot consent for. Creating children for these purposes could led to a slippery slope of creating designer babies. Determination: Both arguments are strong and provide evidential support to their premise and conclusion. I think the opposing argument example explained the entire argument completely and in such a way that it justified its conclusion, thus making it the better argument. Great job on both

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