The Importance Of Second Language Pragmatics

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The relationship between L2 learners’ grammatical competence and pragmatic understanding makes it clear why many researchers have focused on the acquisition of different dimensions of second language pragmatics for more than three decades. In addition, the development of knowledge and telecommunications are changing all aspects of life and consequently language. One of the most significant changes that this digital innovation has brought is a changeover in how students write and communicate. Email as an important medium of language to study creates a novel area for the writing process. For this reason, the researcher conducted this study to explore the effect of teaching explicit versus implicit pragmatic instruction on upper-intermediate EFL learners’ email writing development.
2.1 Interlanguage pragmatics (ILP)
Kasper and Roever (2005) asserted that to foreign and second language learners the understanding of second language pragmatics could be an important difficulty because it typically entails learning “not only how to do things with target language words but also how communicative actions and the ‘words’ that implement them are both responsive to and shape situations, activities, and social relationships” (p. 317).
Research in the area of ILP is comprised of two groups of studies: interventionist studies and non-interventionist/descriptive studies. According to Ross (2005), interventionist ILP research, as a subset of instructed SLA research is known by three

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