The Importance Of Segregation In Public Schools

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In Topeka, Kansas during the 1950s Schools were racially segregated by skin color. It was during this time the eight-year-old Linda Brown had to attend the school a mile away from her home much like a lot of African-Americans at the time they could live near the school of the white folks but had to either walk or ride a bus to get to the school they were allowed to attend. An issue occurred when Linda Brown's father, Oliver Brown tried to enroll his daughter and the closer school the only problem was a little bit of a major one that school was a school for white children only. Oliver Brown had tried to enroll his daughter in the school, but the principal would not allow it. This issue prompted Oliver Brown to go to the National Association for the advancement of colored people. He asked this organization for help and they were glad to take this case mainly because there are do you try to Challenge segregation in public schools. The NAACP had already attempted 12 other cases involving segregation in public schools. The ultimate goal in challenging the segregation of these public schools was to bring down segregation in public schools but the defence the school would use the ruling in 1896 Plessy v Ferguson a case that argued the infamies separate but equal argument that involved trains but the argument was applied to schools to justify there segregation of african amarican students on the bases of skin color. The NAACP, along with brown help sue the school district.They

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