The Importance Of Separation To The Country Of Sudan

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Disagreements between the group members started, three of my friends said we had to sleep until the sunrise since we already crossed the border and we could walk in the morning and make it to the city. My friend and I said we have to keep going and make it to the city. Since they were three who said we should rest, we rested. The Sudanese border patrol saw us while we were crossing the border and did not want to follow at that moment. They kept an eye on us since they were in a very close checkpoint and knew we were resting. Early in the morning they showed up and took us to their checkpoint. They asked us if we spoke Arabic and I was the only one who knew a few Arabic. They started threatening. They started talking about an immediate deportation back to our country because we crossed the border illegally. …show more content…

I told them that we could face a long time prisoning beside hard labor, and then conscripted in the military, or death in the worst case scenario but they did not seem they ever cared about it. One of them said that this are orders from the higher authority and they were only executing the order. They commanded us to empty our pockets and put down everything we had. They started making phone calls to take us to the detention facility until we were deported. Luckily, members of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees constantly came to check refugees who cross the border and take them to the refugee camp. They were informed by the border patrol authorities that we were taken to the detention facility. They were able to transfer us to the camp near the border after talking to the

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