The Importance Of Sexual Education

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For every 1000 girls 39.2 teen girls give birth in Kansas. Imagine how many girls give birth throughout The United States( This statistic would not be as high if we educated middle and high school students. Sexual education should be a big part of our school to help educate individuals on the protective way of sexual activities and precautions with sexual transmitted diseases.

One of the most flawed programs in public schools is sexual education. Sexual education is starting to evanescenting when it comes to being taught in public schools. “22 states and the District of Columbia require schools to provide both sexuality and STD/HIV education; another 15 states require STD/HIV education; and 13 states have no requirements when it comes to sexual education”(sexuality education pg 1). Within the 22 states that require taking sexual education, they also give the parents an option to opt out of the class if the class does not go with their religion or they believe their children are to young to be taught. Among the whole United States we have the highest pregnancy rates among teens with the lack of sexual education being taught in the right or direct way. “The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world-almost twice as high as those of England, Wales, Canada, and eight times as high as those of the Netherlands and Japan”(opposing viewpoint series pg 109). While the rising of teen pregnancy continues, teens and adult(age 18)

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