The Importance Of Slavery In America

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Many individuals who lived in America during this time period did not acquire their freedom, unless they were white, which played a big role on how slavery expanded so quickly throughout the nation. Slavery in America began when the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to nourish crops such as tobacco. The plantation owners, usually white wealthy men, were the ones who owned slaves and forced them to do hard working labor, providing them with no income for their work nor any sort of freedom.The abolition of slavery soon became the main goal in the North, because they were against the idea of slavery and wanted free-labor, actually paying individual to work instead of forcing and abusing them to do so. Although, the South were all about slave-labor and disliked the idea of putting an end to slavery mainly because the abolition of slavery would undermine the Southern economy. The institution of slavery and the concept of freedom shaped factors such as society, government, political unity, and political division in early American life. Slavery and freedom shaped the Northern and Southern society differently. Slavery impacted the North and South society in a dissimilar way, because northerners was anti-slavery were southerners were pro-slavery. The Sumner-Brooks Affair cartoon, demonstrates a broader statement of Northern society and Southern society, over this issue of slavery. This conflict proves that they both find

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