Slavery In America

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What is slavery? Slavery is forced labor and this forced labor is what built America and made them become more developed. “Africans peoples were captured and transported to the Americas to work. Most European colonial economies in the Americas from the 16th century through the 19th were dependant on enslaved African labor for their survival.” Many claim that enslavement was very necessary in order for America to thrive and not die off for it is now one of the best countries in the world. However, slavery was not necessary in the Americas it was just a mechanism that just stripped Africans of their human rights, giving the slave masters the “right” to abuse them. Slavery was not necessary in the Americas because without slavery America would …show more content…

On March 14, 1794 Eli Whitney invented a machine called the ‘cotton gin’ which made it easier to separate cotton fibers from their seeds. With this machine, plantation owners were able to save more money from less spending on labor work for cotton, allowing them to invest in something else that will benefit them. This invention shows that the people in America were very capable of creating machines that would’ve boosted them in their economy. The cotton gin was an example of someone in America taking matters into their own hands so labor work would be eased, no slaves needed. Also, the Americas would’ve had to create a system where people would get paid to work. This would be a positive thing because it would encourage citizens to work, get paid, and better themselves in their community, enhancing the people to dream with hope. Dreams would lead to new ideas that would benefit their economy and this free economy would result in it extending from the large amount of participation. “The market system is based on the principle that each participant acts in her best interest...Market economies are based on the concept that people are free to make their own choices about what services or products to purchase.” -(Metcalf) Due to a fixed mindset of greed, people in America believed it was necessary for slavery because the forces of their own was not efficient. At the end of the day, slavery was not necessary in the Americas because they were other options to choose from that followed America's’

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