The Importance Of Sports In Sports

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Kobe Bryant, a famous basketball player, once said, “Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they've taught me: camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences”. Sports help student athletes just like a teacher. They teach students about time management, change students’ attitudes about school, increase students' focus, and overall, they benefit students academically. Kobe says, he learned camaraderie and how to resolve differences. Sports can help students build friendships and they can help teach everyone problem solving. Playing sports benefit students academically and does not take away time from their studies. One lesson sports teach students is time management. Student athletes know when their schoolwork is due. With this, they do their work immediately. Students become more successful because they turn their work in on time (Altobelli). Time management is a crucial part in sports because athletes have matches, games, and competitions that take up a lot of their time. They need to know when they have to turn assignments in, so they do not get behind. Laura Altobelli, an editor at an advertising agency, says that student athletes also function better at a higher learning level. Society thinks that the amount of work they miss makes students stressed because they play sports. Students become stressed because they have less time to do their work. However, many students thrive under pressure because he or she has to turn their work in at the right time

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