The Importance Of Stricter Gun Control

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In the United States, gun ownership is common. Due to America’s pervasive gun culture which originated during the colonial period, many Americans believe that they have rights to bear arms. In recent decades, however, the rise in the both frequency and number of mass shootings, such as Las Vegas attack and the Orlando nightclub shooting, has transformed the public sentiment toward gun rights gradually and led the debate over gun control to take the center stage in America. While some people still insist on having free access to firearms, more people call for implementing stricter gun control laws. In fact, 52 percent of respondents advocate they support stricter gun laws, yet 48 percent of respondents argue gun control laws infringe on their constitutional right (Davidson). People on both sides hold strong opinions on this topic and are unwilling to compromise to break the deadlock. I believe that the government should implement stricter gun-control measures to reduce future acts of gun-involved violence because on the one hand, the easy access to guns significantly contributes to the increased rates for suicide, homicide, and accidental deaths, resulting in escalation of societal costs associated with the gun violence; on the other hand, the gun violence brings severe psychological effects to survivors of shooting incidents and witnesses to gun-involved incidents. Allowing people access to guns increases the lethality of impulsivity and the risk of homicide, suicide, and

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