The Importance Of Study Habits In My Life

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Before every large payment my Father makes, he looks me in the eyes, credit card in hand, and tells me to study hard. These words may seem to some like he is comparing success to money, but to me, he’s sending a message. In the future, I want to provide for my family the way they have provided for me, meaning if I study hard and produce good grades now, it will produce me a successful career. This past semester, I learned new study skills, kept myself more coordinated, and went the extra mile when it came to studying for tests which is how I earned an “A” in REL101. In order to fully understand my extreme change in study habits and effort in class, I would like to give some background. Last year, I transferred from a community college where I had a 3.95 G.P.A. and joined the honor society. My first semester at Central Michigan University I was distracted by social events, partying, and skipping class on a routine which landed me a 2.2 G.P.A. At this point, I met with a counselor who advised me that I would not be able to continue courses in the College of Business unless my G.P.A. was above a 2.5 by the end of the spring semester. My life changed completely. Since last spring, I was able to get my G.P.A. up to a 3.1 and don’t see myself stopping there. This brings me to my first point about learning new study skills. The Fall 2017 semester I changed my study habits. The first week of REL101 we read an article written by Robert Leamnson. In the article, he explained many

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