The Importance Of Success : The Key To Success

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“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone” (Cosby). Giving up is like going from walking to now using a wheelchair. When I was a child, I wanted to find my purpose as being an adult. Now that I am older the missing pieces to my puzzle are starting to come together. I once gave up on life. I was a high school dropout with no education. What inspired me to go back to school to receive my GED/Diploma was when I realized that I could not be successful in life without an education. The reason I dropped out of high school was due to me hanging around the wrong crowd of friends. The type of friends I hung around did not want anything out of life. None of them wanted to be successful. We did …show more content…

David Wallace continues to state that life after college and different things you thought were successful are now becoming a nightmare. “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is based off a group of people from a village that use to set laws that came from a tradition. In this community a person would get stoned to death if they received a piece of paper with a black dot. How can anyone be successful in a community if individuals are killing someone as a sacrifice each year? It just makes a person feel hopeless. You cannot be successful if you are always surrounded by the wrong people. Under those circumstances, as an adult your life will come with many needs and wants. As an adult you will feel the need to get a good paying job to support your family. Putting the things you need in life first will help you focus on how to better your family life. Trying to help people who always cry for help will only stop you from succeeding. It is best to make sure your household is taken care of before you decide to help other people. In order to reach your goals in life, you need to avoid all things that could prevent it from happening. In effect goals and success in life have a big impact on the community. Maybe you could be someone’s inspiration. Someone may be in need of help with school work. If they ask for advice, it would be best to help that student out. An example of giving back to

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