The Importance Of Sweatshops In Multinational Companies

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This paper focuses on the establishment of sweatshops in multinational companies as well as local companies while focusing on performance management in workplaces. The workplaces had in the past; surveillance, employees working long hours and unfair payments. Thus, the British government exposed “Sweating system” as it is called today- sweatshops. For example, In Qatar, the Middle East; Krantz Engineering- a multinational company was accused of delaying payment of migrant workers and even withdrawing their passports (Aljazeera, 2014). The company had been contracted to work on Qatar Petroleum’s institute titled “RasLaffan Emergency and Safety College” (RLESC) and was mostly using Indian migrants to work there. It concludes by focusing on the remedial activities that include; reducing the power distance between company owners and workers, restricting of labour laws (at local/ international levels) and improving working relations in firms.

Sweatshops in Multinational Companies
Multinational companies have been criticised for focusing on their global responsibility in relation to their business style and not about reforming their labour conditions that support sweatshops. Scherer, Palazzo & Baumann (2006) look at an example of Nike which in 1998-2001 had received worldwide backlash due to its exercising of negative labour laws that portrayed negative and an infringement of human rights- creating sweatshops. With Nike being a powerful multinational company, it took a

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