The Importance Of Teaching And Learning

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Teachers involving students in the learning process should require them to utilize thinking skills of higher order. Teachers should also designed lesson plans that are rigorous but can be adaptable to each student (whether students are general or special education) in the class. Educators should have activities that will nurture social development and student responsibilities, as this will give them the opportunity to exercise responsibility and practice interacting with others. Due to the fact students are in high school, there are no rewards for good behavior being practice. However, punishment in the class will be dealt with immediately in order to provide a stable environment of teaching and learning; as policy and procedure is addressed for misconduct at the beginning of the year “Teachers must encourage students to use higher order thinking skills in order to involve them in the learning process,” (Bonwell & Eison, n.d.). Higher learning thinking skills students should be using in and out the classroom are “analysis, synthesis, and evaluation,” (Carlos, 2017). For instance, Ms. Carlos, an instructor at McNair High School is teaching a lesson on “Algebraic Concepts” and understanding their terms and formulas, she can involve the students in group discussions by having the students to work formulas on the board. Another way she can have the students use high learning thinking is to include various applications using the formulas in the lessons. One technique that is

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