The Importance Of Teaching Literacy In Education

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Teaching literacy is certainly not an easy task; hence, educators must have significant background knowledge and experience in the literacy area in order to provide the best learning experience to students. Educators must constantly promote literacy in their classrooms, especially when the students are young readers. For that reason, it is extremely important that educators make a great effort to get to know their students’ and their reading abilities, their strengths and weakness in the reading area and most importantly, to have an extended knowledge of how to teach literacy. Reading is the foundation of learning; every concept and subject taught requires some form of reading, therefore, building a strong reading foundation will enable individuals to become successful not only academically, but also socially. There are three literacy development stages, which are emergent, beginning and fluent. Children who are in the emergent stage are beginning to notice print and understand the purpose of printing, which is to communicate with others. In addition, they start noticing the way that people around them utilize print, i.e. they notice that people write left to write and top to bottom, and also notice that, their spoken words can be written. Children whose parents promote reading and writing at home are most likely to begin kindergarten already on the emergent stage. Most children will become emergent readers in kindergarten, unless the child has some sort of learning
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