The Importance Of Teaching Religion In Public Schools

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A student sits in class all day listening to the droning voice of their teacher drilling them with secular ideas, memorizing the ideas as fact. As the student continues into the real world, they only know the secular ideas they have accepted as fact. They are unaware of the views and beliefs of a large portion of American society. Secular ideas are often taught as fact in public schools and religious ideas are ignored. Offering both viewpoints to students to students in public schools is important. Teaching religion in public schools has a positive effect on children.
Students have the opportunity to learn about almost any topic they need to know in life at school, religion should be among the classes offered. A growing number of families have both parents working full time out of the house. A 2015 survey showed about 46 percent of homes with two parents present, have both parents working full time jobs (Wormald). With both parents working they have less time to spend at home investing in the lives of their children. The parents are unable to properly bring up well rounded children, which has pushed the responsibility onto public schools (Wormald). Students no longer receive all the training they once received out of school to prepare them for the real world. Parents have more trouble balancing all they need to do for work with the important life lessons and topics they once taught their children (Wormald).
Schools are given the task of making up for what parents no longer

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