The Importance Of Technology

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As time progresses, our conscious mind becomes muddled into the fast-paced society where we rely frequently on the usage of technology to solve our everyday life. Although, it is important to acknowledge the development and capabilities of modernization, it is essential to be cognizant of one’s mind. Having an innate capability of free-will is a powerful tool for humans to utilize because it gives us the choice to think for ourselves rather than letting others or machines think for us. However, nowadays, being mindful of the present and using our intrinsic free-will has become a burden due to the fact of sacrificing the significant of learning to wait and gain knowledge for speed. Nevertheless, individuals must understand that time and the…show more content…
The sight of your fingers and the sound of the snap appear simultaneous. But it turns out that impression is laboriously constructed by your brain. After all, your hearing and your vision process information at different speeds” (pg. 5). When the memory collects the senses from the spinal cord, it stimulates a reaction time, although the duration of hearing the sound and the eye reacting may look simultaneous, it takes a while for one’s brain to construct the information and finally deliberate a thought pattern or an action. It is truly fascinating that our brains can collect data and be responsive to its own capabilities and capacity.
Nonetheless, some people take for granted the ability to collect data and formulate a response, there are people who lack that endowment because Eagleman supposed that time can be lost in our minds due to disorders and drugs when stated, “Simultaneity judgments can be shifted by repeated exposure to non-simultaneous stimuli. And in the laboratory of the natural world, distortions in timing are induced by narcotics such as cocaine and marijuana or by such disorders as Parkinson 's disease, Alzheimer 's disease, and schizophrenia” (pg. 1-2). Such disorders or narcotics can manipulate the brain into delaying our perception of the information gathered. It is sadly difficult to live with a disease that can distort one’s mind and limit their capability, this lack of synchronization of
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