The Importance Of The Electoral College

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The Electoral College has been around since the ratification of the Constitution. Overall, 5 of our presidents have not one the popular vote. These presidents are John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George W. Bush, and our current, “president”, Donald Trump. This is why the electoral college should be replaced because only specific states (swing states) end up determining the outcome of the elections, it is outdated for our new, advanced country, and already 5 presidents haven’t been the candidate people wanted more.
The Electoral College was the solution to help the founding fathers avoid a full democracy. For example, Alexander Hamilton wrote in “The Federalist Papers” that the electoral college was a way to …show more content…

The Electoral College, however, was kept the same for all these years, even if there are many flaws to it. This just shows how outdated the system is for our new, always changing nation. To summarize, because of our newer nation, we need a change in the system, to help prevent popular votes from losing.
5 times in the past, the Electoral College has failed. Two of these events have occurred in the last 16 years. The winning of George W. Bush, and our current “president” Donald Trump. “In the 2016 presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by nearly 2.9 million votes.” If these many people wanted Hillary Clinton to become president over Donald Trump, it seems like common sense for her to become president. But things took a different turn. “ Trump received more votes in the Electoral College, 304 to Clinton’s 227, and so he became the 45th president.” This was a turn that no one expected, especially because the predictions showed Hillary winning, by about an 80% chance over Trump. But because of the system of the Electoral College, Trump was able to dominate Hillary in the race. The main reason Trump won the 45th presidency is that he won the swing states Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Swing states are very important because they usually end up determining the

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